# 7 | Purity


Wall Art Print | Original Design | Authentic Study | Inspired by Mind

140cmx140cm (+ 8mm aluminium poles attached to the top and bottom hem for additional supporting whilst hanging) | Ready for Use Immediately |

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The purity of white and the depth of blue represent the harmonious symbiosis of nature | This event can be only noticed through a clarity of mind… the state of our conscious that allows us to accept, appreciate, feel gratitude towards and cherish the simplicity of moments that surround us | ¬†Leading hectic lives can play havoc on wellbeing of any individuals, even those strong-minded personalities that 300 days a year play the hero roles and sometimes being scared to admit that for the outstanding 65-6 days confusion, insecurity or anxiety enter into their minds | This study represents the power of visual experience that allows bringing the balance back to those days, minutes or moments of dramas |

This fabric print design captures the peace of mind achieved by moments of conscious reflection over life | Printed on highest quality linen | Wall Art Piece |


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